Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sketching Veshak 2556 BE (Buddhist Era)/2012

Jombor bus station.

Jombor bus station is one of bus stations in province of Special Regency of Yogyakarta. It is located in Sleman, a north part of the province which is close to the border with Central Java. It is a small bus station than the others, however it serves people to travel both inside and outside cities of Central Java, the next province.

My friends and I together had a meeting point at the bus station. We would sketch the ceremony of the day Veshak 2556 BE which took place on May 6th, 2012. The ceremony spiritually happened at the Borobudur Temple which is located in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. It is one of the biggest Buddhist temples ever.
Borobudur temple is one of UNESCO world heritage sites. The temple, as a pilgrimage temple for Buddhists is also a tourism site as one of the most visited tourism attraction.

A snack seller serves a buyer couple hours ahead coming of convoy procession of Buddhist people to have the Veshak ceremony.

A night sight of Borobudur Temple while the ceremony was taking place. Hundreds of people both Buddhist or non-Buddhist all gathered on the vast side yard there. On midnight they took 1.200 lanterns off over. It is wonderful night sight ever while the full moon was going up there.

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