Sunday, February 21, 2016

Kapal Phinisi dan Mercusuar.

Sketsa panorama, 21 x 58 cm, menggunakan tinta dengan kayu kering dan cat air di atas kertas cold press. Adalah Pelabuhan laut Tanjung Mas Semarang dengan kapal SAR dan kapal kayu Phinisi bersandar, serta Mercusuar peninggalan jaman kolonial Belanda. Ini adalah sisi bagian lama dari pelabuhan, kegiatan bongkar muat kontainer untuk export dan import barang tidak berada di sini, tetapi ada di sisi bagian lain.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

World Sketching Tour, Luis Simoes Comes to Indonesia

World Sketching Tour's
Luis Simoes Comes to Indonesia

Custom sketchbook made for Luis by Soleh Hadiyana
One of the many dreams of a sketcher is to see the whole world and show it one drawing at a time. An urban sketcher from Portugal, Luis Simoes is living that dream for about 4 years now. He set off from his hometown in Lisbon in 2012 and wanders the world (mostly Europe and Asia) alone, though sometimes meeting fellow travelers on a road.

A few days ago, he arrived in Jakarta after he finished traveling in the Philippines for about a month. After settling in a hostel in the Old Jakarta area, we arranged meetings with fellow Indonesian Urban Sketchers here and had a dinner together nearby the hostel. It was a great experience for us to meet him, talked to him about his numerous trips around the world, his struggles, his sketching method and his passion. He hopes to keep going on tour until he reaches his last target, Australia and New Zealand.

We took Luis in a laid back stroll around the old Chinatown residential block called Petak 9 the next day. We enjoyed the little and vivid details that the area provide and especially admire how this area still exist inside a megapolitan city like Jakarta. After having a late lunch (we sketched for a long time and almost skipped lunch). We also visited the Old Jakarta's "square" a.k.a Taman Fatahillah where the colonial Dutch buildings can be found. From there we head back to his hostel and let Luis rest.

Petak 9 neighborhood. A quiet Chinatown residential area yet has so many great little details that spring out from everywhere.

Sheila and I took Luis to lunch in  a hidden food stall behind Petak 9 traditional market called gang Kecap. In this sketch I wrote 10 questions that I asked Luis during our few days hanging out together.

The next day, Luis had the chance to explore Jakarta by himself for awhile. He went to an area called Passer Baroe and later had the chance to sketch Jakarta's oldest church, the Cathedral. In the afternoon, we came to meet him and took him to Cikini area, nearby city center to meet more Jakarta's urban sketchers. After sketching together inside a cafe there, we went to dinner at a small food stall nearby and have a farewell group photo.
Luis tried out his famous fish eye lens on my phone to take a groufie
A groufie after dinner. Stand left-right: Iqbal, Sari, Wahyu, Luis, Aga, Motulz, Donald. Front: Yoso and Yanuar.

Right now Luis is in Bandung, West Java. His plan is to spend few days on major cities in Java (Jogjakarta, Semarang, Solo & Surabaya) before crossing to the island of Bali and Lombok. We wish him a great adventure and may he find Indonesia comfortable and feel at home here. See you around, Luis. Vamos World Sketching Tour Indonesia!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Rumah Tua

Bangunan rumah tua ini terletak di Jl. Dr. Cipto Semarang, sebuah jalan besar letaknya tak jauh dari salah satu Rumah Sakit. Masih banyak tempat usaha dan kegiatan bisnis di daerah ini tetapi memang ini merupakan daerah masa lalu, daerah yang mulai ditinggalkan, bukan daerah yang sedang berkembang. Sehingga banyak banguna tua yang tak terawat seperti rumah ini.

line and wash pada buku gambar A4.
Ketika mengejakan line nya ada gerimis sebentar kemudia reda sehingga saya bisa melakukan pewarnaan (wash) di lokasi.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Istirahat Siang

Musim kemarau cuaca sangat panas di Semarang. Pada jam istirahat siang di Kawasan Industri Wijaya Kusuma yang berada di wilayah Semarang Barat, para pekerja mencari tempat yang teduh di bawah pohon setelah selesai makan siang. Mereka berkumpul dengan temannya untuk ngobrol dan tentu juga bermain dan ber SosMed di mobile device nya ... 
Saya sendiri menggunakan waktu istirahat ini untuk merekam kegiatan mereka dari balik pagar, dengan sebuah pena dan buku polos.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Galian tanah

Penggalian tanah di Semarang, karena pembangunan perkotaan yang cepat, rumah, apartmen, ruko dan shopping centre baru dibangun maka kebutuhan tanah isian / urug juga besar.

Ini adalah lokasi penggalian tanah di pinggiran kota. Lokasi ini sekarang sudah akan ditinggalkan, sehingga hanya ada beberapa alat berat di sana. Tempat ini sekarang semakin diminati oleh masyarakat untuk kegiatan foto dan sekedar bertamasya. Struktur tanah yang terlihat dan bentuk bagian yang tak digali sangat menarik.

Aku datang hari Minggu lalu dengan membawa peralatan sketsa, dan inilah gambarnya.

Excavation of land in Semarang, Java, as there's a rapid urban development, new houses,apartments and shopping malls are built the need of soil as a filler is also huge.

This is a location of land excavation outside the city. This location is about to be left, so there's only few heavy equipments there. The location is getting more popular among the citizen for taking the photos or just to look around. Exposed land structure and the shape of unexploited part is very interesting.

I came along last Sunday with my sketching gear, and this is the picture.

Digambar dari sisi timur
A view from the east side.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

#RI70 celebration and #citgwe

Independence Day Mix Special

This year's Independence Day celebration was a different one for me. Indonesia turned #RI70 this year. Instead of going on a recreational activity with my family, I prioritized in attending a flag ceremony at the church instead. Of course there would always be fun celebrations take place after the formal ceremony finished but my priority was the flag ceremony.

What I didn't know is that the semi-formal ceremony is much faster than the regular flag ceremony I used to attend when I was in school. SO Instead of trying to draw the whole scene, I ended up drawing segments and action clips on a sketch spread.

After the flag ceremony, the event continued to fun community activities and I again only drew a part of it because suddenly I was asked to help with the activities.

After the event ended we went to my mother in law's house to celebrate a #Chinesetradition called "Cit Gwe". It's like a praying time to our respected ancestors on the 7th month after Chinese New Year for the heavens' doors are all open during this special time--supposedly good time to do the offerings n prayers. SO when we got there, I found this "funky" (hope this term is acceptable) table arrangement awaited at the living room. Oh well ... what could a sketcher do but to document the whole thing, righhtt?? Happy Citgwe everybody! 

This table is full of food and symbolic means. I wrote some of them here but a lot more text will be needed to explain  this particular occasion completely. Maybe someday I'll write more about it.

So, yup, this year's #IndependenceDay celebration is a funky mix alright.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Panoramic sketches

Been very busy lately, I missed some sketching sessions with the community. I was lucky to have time on the weekends and managed to make some sketches. And here are the two of them. One was done on the Chinese town where I can seat down on my folding stool to do a panoramic wide angle view over the old houses lined in the small street there.

On the other weekend I did another panoramic sketch in Simpang 5 square. Both were on loose paper.

Old houses in Petudungan street, Semarang, Java.
Loose paper with a fountain pen.

Simpang Lima Semarang.
Loose paper with  brush pen and water colour.

Please watch the VIDEO here and alsoVIDEO TOO here.