Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sketching Kotagede

Live sketching in Kotagede, Yogyakarta a few weeks ago with Indonesia's Sketchers Jogja and Tenny Nurwidiani (Indonesia's Sketchers Gasit Bandung). I try to sketch the ornaments in the Masjid Gede Mataram (Great Mosque of Mataram). The ornaments are wonderful, they've made from stone. Each ornaments have different shapes. I feel like "Whoa..!! This is awsome!!". I really like the detail on it. Then I make a quick sketch of Sarsaparilla Lemonade's bottle in Warung Ys Sido Semi, a vintage shop/cafe in Kotagede. Then, I sketch the Babon Aniem. A vintage electrical powerstation from an old Dutch power company called NV ANIEM (Algemeen Nederlands Indische Electriciteit Maatschappij). This Babon Aniem located in the north east corner of Pasar Legi/Pasar Kotagede (Kotagede's Traditional Market). I sketch it on my note book. This is my last spread. I should buy a new one.. :D

Here are my sketchs in Kotagede back in a years ago

AY-HWA Sari Saparila
Warung YS SIDO SEMI "Bok Mul"
Jl Canteng Kotagede

Hahaha I do like to drew something over and over again.. :D

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