Monday, March 11, 2013

A Very Few Sketches of Indonesia's Temple.

These sketches i posted here, couldn't represent the greatness of temples in Indonesia. We have many temples here, and i've just seen a very few of them. I still have a quite long list of temple i have to visit here in Indonesia.
Most of the time when i visited the temples, i hardly move my hand to sketch. My heart beat faster and all i can think about is to round the temple, see the relief, touch the stone and then blar, the time is up! ;p
I didn't sketch all the temple I've seen.

These are some i managed to sketch.  

Barong is a Hindu's temple located on top of the hill
in Central Java, Indonesia.

Relief of Gana in Plaosan Temple, Central Java, Indonesia.

Plaosan is a Buddha's temple in Prambanan Area, Central Java, Indonesia.

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