Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sketching the RREC ( ruangrupa Record ) Fest #2

"In addition, as an art space, ruangrupa also opened its arms to support the musicians / bands / performers in organizing music concert with artistic approach. RRREC FEST - ruangrupa Record Music Festival is a continuation of the activities adjacent to the world of music, celbrating it as a form of art and part of contemporary culture of Indonesia and neighboring countries" ( quoted from RREC Fest #2)

This event wants to celebrate and capturing the energy of a generation within the music culture. RRREC FEST #2 also intends to showcase local independent musicians and bands with particular things that been curated by The Secret Agents, to more people; as well as other Asian and international bands.

RREC FEST 32 is held in three days, where in the third day all the band performances will be divided in 5 locations. We, some of the sketchers in Jakarta (and lucky us, we have guest from Nunukan) went to the third day and were sketching in 3 locations; Kedai Tjikini, 2nd floor and rooftop of Tan Ek Tjoan and TIM (Taman Ismail Marzuki). 

Here are some moments that we captured through sketches.

Venue 1: Kedai Tjikini (jl. Cikini Raya no. 17) Start sketching: 19.00 - 19.45
View outside Kedai Tjikini:

sketched by Yanuar Ikhsan

sketched by Atit
Inside Kedai Tjikini:

sketches above: "9 maps" performance by Toni Malakian

Sketches above: "9 maps" band members by Kris Wardhana 

VENUE 2: Tan Ek Tjoan. start sketching around 20:30
2nd Floor
Zebra & Snake's performance

By: Toni Malakian

band performance, by: Yanuar Ikhsan

View on rooftop by: Azwan Azmy

Audience and the stage, by: Atit

Venue 3: TIM. Start sketching around 21.15
The Cambodian Space Projects, by Toni Malakian
Music festival in the woods. by Atit


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