Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Semanggi Surabaya is Rare Traditional Food

This food is said to have become virtually extinct because it is difficult to find. The seller is the average middle-aged mothers who trade around with baskets containing menyunggi pecel materials. The main obstacle still in basic material factors, ie leaf clover.
It is said that these foods also has penetrated restaurants and hotels, but in my opinion, more mantab if we tasted it straight from traditional sellers.
As the name suggests, this pecel based leaf clover (Marsilea crenata) are boiled and served with boiled sprouts then doused seasoning made from sweet potatoes or sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) is boiled and mixed with brown sugar, salt, shrimp paste, shrimp paste (hence marinade color black), a little peanut, and chili.

Pecel clover blends

Pecel is served without rice, clover and vegetable sprouts just watered seasoning served in banana leaf pincuk. To eat, we must and the obligatory use of pulleys crackers made from rice (in some areas in Java is called with crackers crackers gendar) to eat it.
This function replaces the pulley Crackers spoon. If my way of eating, crackers cuilan dicuil then used to scoop out vegetables and eaten together. Crackers are very wide, so we must be careful not to bring it down (because it is usually served alongside pecel).
In appearance, pecel clover was "less desirable", but in a sense, woohh! Seddap!
this food is usually sold by wandering around. The seller usually yell, "seemmmaannnggiiiiiii ...", with a certain tone to peddle his wares.
The vendors, mostly from Benowo area, western part of Surabaya. Incidentally, since I live in an area pakde Manukan, Tandes, which ndak far from Benowo, seller of the food was successfully intercepted in front of the house when passing by.
Because of the difficulty of raw materials leaf clover, this seller berjualannya uncertain time. Sometimes once a week, sometimes every two weeks.
Clover leaf used was not a wild clover leaf (commonly grows in rivers and rice paddies), but purchased from a person who cultivates this clover, according to the recognition of the seller.

Seller of the food clover

When observed, seller of the food clover style is very distinctive. The moms always use plus kebaya batik cloth, then a scarf wrapped over his head in such a way that serves as a base when the merchandise disunggi.
Formation of merchandise when disunggi was very typical. An baskets or baskets of vegetables and spices are under, and then superimposed on top of crackers seplastik pulleys.
Memgang merchandise in one hand above the head, the other carrying a basket containing the banana leaves to pincuk and other gear. Sure it takes incredible balance so that the merchandise is not spilled.
When there is a buyer, with a technique that Spry, baskets towering above the head could be "landed" perfectly. Conversely, when finished serving, this merchandise baskets can quickly move to the top of the head!

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