Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This market belongs to South Jakarta. It is a traditional market that people living around the area regard it as important enough. There is a plan to renovate this two-story building, and the sellers will be temporarily relocated to another location already provided. I’m not sure whether or not such a plan is in favor of small-scale sellers or otherwise, that is, adding to the growing capitalism in this country.

I made my sketch in the afternoon, when the weather was cloudy. Fortunately, the rain fell down heavily only after I almost finished my sketch, and it trapped me at the front of a textile shop, where I found a shelter for more than an hour.

Some of my pictures during sketching on location at Mayestik Market

 I'm promises, I will return to sketch again, someday...

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Anonymous said...

dibelakang seorang sketcher yg hebat adalah seorang fotografer yang setia, merekalah orang-orang terdekat yg kita cintai. (ini yg motret mba mei kan bang/)