Sunday, March 1, 2020

Traditional Market Sketching: Pasar Jombang, Tangerang Selatan

An outer side of Pasar Jombang, Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia
Since I first doing urban sketching, about 9-10 years ago, I always wanted to find something unique and special, to be Indonesia's truly trade mark besides the popular Balinese paddy field scenes, or the typical huge temples in Java of the images of people dancing in traditional outfits that are already so popular and becoming Indonesia's images. I find that my country is developing itself to mimic the other more "advanced" countries of the world. So I decided to go to the traditional markets in my country to start documenting their contents and share the stories through my reportage sketches. I do this because I feel, only in traditional markets, Indonesians (in the form of the many races and mixes in languages, appearances and characteristics) show their true colors. I can forget about the smell, the messiness or even the dampness of a traditional market when I spend some time in there, sketching and socializing.
It's located in Tangerang Selatan, West Java near a rural area called Bintaro. My daughter happens to go to school near this marketplace. So, I'd drop my daughter at school in the morning and come here to sketch for 1-2 hours. It's quite a packed wet market with very few spots to use as a sketching spot. The sketch on the left is drawn at a small coffee/instant noodle stand inside the market. I usually sketch from where I can sit without being bugged (except from mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and so on .... they live in the market, so practically it's their home) by people.
Two ladies are having conversation while fixing their products,  tropical fruits.
Not far from the coffee stall, sat this skinny old man selling cured/smoked seafood (mostly fish). His stall was just small, but because he was so close to where I sat and he seemed to be oblivious about my presence, I decided to draw him. I don't know whether it was the time of the day where it's slow after rush hour of else, he was just not too popular, I didn't see enough buyers stop by and buy his products. Still he was calm, squatting against the stall behind him and smokes away. The other sketch to the right, was the view further down from where the old man sat. Aftter finish the line drawing of this sketch, I decided to call it a day and goes back home.

A couple days later, I came back to the store and went to the back side of the market where I found many female merchants selling all kinds of fish. This was the first time I saw that more women than men selling fish. I spent about one hour this time and decided to go pick up my daughter and go home.
While waiting for my ride to come by, I spent some time to draw a small house/stall nearby the market. The store's name is rather unique and doesn't have any connection whatsoever with the the products that  they sell. 
It takes me only 5 minutes to get to this great traditional market. I hope next time I can arrange to have a sketch gathering there with my sketcher friends.

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