Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sketching SKETSA


We were invited to hang out and sketch them in a performance at an independent studio around Jalan Senopati area, South Jakarta. We didn't know what to expect although I did have a technical meeting the previous day. I just relied on a feeling that if somebody like Barry Likumahuwa wants to promote these guys, then they should be either really good or fantastic. SO we agreed, we posted this poster (above) on our Facebook wall and waited to see how many sketchers would show up to participate. 6, included me showed up.

What we didn't expected was that the experience of sketching a band playing while having full access to wherever spot we want to be during the event, was GREEEAT!

The band was really energetic, very entertaining and provided no barrier between them and the audience which was made up of friends, fans and fellow musicians. The music of Sketsa band drove us quite wild that 6 sketchers produced around 30 drawings in about 3 hours time. Later on we wanted to show the result to the audience and the band, see if they like and if lucky, but them. And they did like the sketches and bought them!! So, only few of them survived back to their sketchers. Here they are in a collage form (I did some photoshopping on them to one page, so these are not their original views). We're sorry that we can only share you the leftovers.

We're looking forward to collaborate again soon!

Thanks much to  #barrylikumahuwa , #adindashalahita, #icanstudiolive, #sketsaband. And to my fellow sketchers: #mogrifachruddin, #dukunsketsa, #setoparamaartho, #yanuarikhsan & #vian.

Donald Saluling