Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Labuhan Meringgai, Lampung

Labuhan Maringgai
a humble but busy fisherman village

It's located east of Sumatera Island, 3 hours drive from Port Bakaheuni, Lampung. The main population are fishermen, merchants and farmers (yes, it's not too far away from paddy rice fields and other similar crops). Also notable here are the numerous numbers of swiftlet houses.
A monsoon period is where the sea at its baddest temper state. Many fishermen preferred to stay grounded than to confront the sea.

Some of them were busy fixing the nets. The whole family helped.

I was here for work so I didn't exactly invest enough time to wander around and draw more things that interesting to me. Maybe sometime soon, I'll be back there and enjoy more relaxing and full time sketching party.

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