Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chinese New Year @ Petak Sembilan

Last monday was celebrated by Chinese as Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year. Me with couple of friends were trying to catch the festivity of the celebration with sketches. So we went to Petak Sembilan, which known as an area with quite large Chinese community in Jakarta.

While walking around the neighborhood, we saw Lion Dance attraction was held on the street.

That day at Petak Sembilan one of the main place to visit was the Jin De Yuan Temple. Many Chineses came here to pray for health, wealth, and fortune. They burned some sticks of incense in small or large size while praying. That place suddenly surrounded by smokes and ashes. We tried to find some spot to sketch or take a picture. It was kinda difficult. That place were full of people, smokes and ashes, but gladly we can deal with that. And here are some of my sketches.

Happy Lunar New Year! Gong Xi Fat Cai!


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Montse Rubio said...

The watercolors are beautiful and very fresh, great work!