Saturday, November 5, 2011

Museum Taman Prasasti (Dutch's Funeral Park)

Hello again, do you ever came to this place ? it was awesome, guys you should come here. the statues of funeral, inscription, relief, etc. you can make a good historical journal in this place. I came to this place with Jakarta Sketch Group gathering season.

Taman Prasasti Museum or Museum of Memorial Stone Park is a museum located in Jakarta, Indonesia. The museum was formerly a cemetery, built by the Dutch colonial government in 1795 as a final resting place for noble Dutchmen. Several important person that was buried in the cemetery area are Olivie Mariamne Raffles - the first wife of British governor general Thomas Stamford Raffles - and Indonesian youth activist Soe Hok Gie.
The cemetery area is the oldest of its kind in Jakarta and may have been the oldest modern cemetery in the world by comparison with the Fort Canning Park (1926) in Singapore, Gore Hill Cemetery (1868) in Sydney, Père Lachaise (1803) in Paris, and Mount Auburn Cemetery (1831) in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

A'ite here's my journal, check it out.

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