Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trip through Indonesia

The past 2 weeks my wife and I went for a 16 day tour through Indonesia. We had a fantastic journey, not only because of the beautiful country, pleasant people, good food and fine weather, but also because of the excellent Indonesian guide and nice group of fellow Dutch travellers (26 in total).

Above you see the 10-day route through Java, by bus and train. Of course 10 days Java and 4 days Bali is not nearly enough to visit Indonesia properly, but my holidays are limited, so it was either this or not visiting at all. At least we had a good first impression of this fantastic country.
After a 19 hour flight from Amsterdam we arrived in Jakarta around noon.
We only had one afternoon to visit Jakarta, so we immediately went to the harbour where old wooden ships were being loaded by hand. These ships are so beautifully made, incredible. Real handicraft.
I was able to make this quick impression before we left for a tour through the citycenter, and a visit to the colonial museum.


rudi hartanto said...

we need more sketches uploaded, please. They are so nice. Thanks for visiting my country. Rene

Rene Fijten said...

I really enjoyed your country. I'll post some more stuff I made over there, but keeping up blogs takes time.