Monday, July 25, 2011

1991 sketches

Back in the Nineteen Ninety One when I traveled to Mount Bromo in East Java.

Mount Bromo (2,329 m) and Tengger caldera has a spectacular scenery, with active crater that constantly belches white sulphurous smoke in to the air, a cone shape mount Batok, and Mount Semeru far in the back ground. Mount Semeru is one of the most active volcano in the world.
In 1991, I traveled with my exacta SLR camera, my water color set and a Pelikan water color Pad. I did sketching on location.

20 years later, one of my work is still hung on the wall of my sister house in Jakarta. I now really appreciate to Pelikan Paper, which is not changes after such long period of time.

I plan to visit Mount Bromo and make some sketches over there this year.

Made a friend with Amanda, a visitor from UK.  
A mix media I used to this wild flowers I found in the back yard of a restaurant.
Crayon,Water Color and Chinese Ink.

A scenery over the Tengger village.
Water color on Pelikan paper. (see the dirt that go inside the frame after 20 years)



skets lama yang inspiratif mas....
mana lagi yang lain?

Gunawan Wibisono said...

Terima kasih Mas ... sketsa lama tak terdokumentasi dengan baik :-( ada beberapa yang saya suka yang saya buat di Dieng ... moga bisa menemukannya ...