Monday, February 14, 2011

... and the bus keep on rolling.

"duk duk duk duk duk .. kosong kosong kosong kosong... ", "Putat, putat, putat, blokm, bulussss, bullusss, langsungggggg...."yelled them bus attendants. Them sounds are like songs to my ears now. As I spend evening after evening commuting from my workplace in Kuningan to Lebak Bulus, where home is, where my 2 little children, wife and spoiled dog at.

Here are sketches of my nightly sightseeing inside the transport (where I focused mostly upon my fellow commuters than the bus itself). Here to them fellow passengers who come home tired from whatever daily activities they have to meet their families and lovers at home, enduring the noise of Jakarta and melancholic street performers singing ballads of life and love inside the bus. Here to Jakarta heat and sticky nights.

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