Thursday, December 3, 2009

Inside My Bag

Inside My Bag

Here's peek inside my bag..
Pencil Case, Small Notebook, Sketchbook, Wallet, MP3 Pouch, Koi Watercolour,
and exam paper..with red marks on it. D:
Got 62 for Economy Test. :(
Im bad at economy and accounting..
that's weird that im in social class,
and i really don't understand about economy and stuff..

sorry for the poor quality.
my scanner seems to be broken.. T_T

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey, I'm familiar with some stuff;
sketchbook (checked)
koi watercolor (checked)
red mark on paper exam (checked)
plus...I'm bad on economy+accounting too :D

little tips when we don't have scanner: we can use digital camera. set the camera to 'macro' mode. the result can be retouch by photoshop to arrange the brightness. keep posting